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Slow Juicer Maker Extractor Fruits and Vegetable Juice Machine 200W (KEA0230)

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Product Details
Product Details

► Dimensions (WxDxH): 270 * 190 * 430 mm
► Power (W): 200W
► Type: Juice Squeezer
► Model (Rpm): 80 Rpm
► Function: Automatic pulp ejection, Anti-dripping nozzle, Juicing
► Capacity: 1000 ml
► Blade material: Stainless Steel
► Recipient for volume pulp: 1.0 L
► Noise Level : 60dB
► Style: Juice Extractor
► Voltage (V): 220~240V, 50/60 Hz
► Rating (Rpm): 80 rev. / min

Highlight :
► Nutritious juices from fruits, leafy greens, grasses, sprouts and herbs
► Low RPMs - low temperature little amount of oxidation.
► Juice spout with anti-dripping protection.
► The juice is made in a two-stage extraction process :
(1) crushing /squashing
(2) extraction
► Low RPMs allow to squeeze juice with the least amount of oxidation and thus the highest amounts of nutrients.
► You can squeeze out up to 2 times more of the froth free juice than in traditional juicers.
► You can keep your juice refrigerated in a sealed container for up to 72 hours, without losing any of its nutrients.

Warranty :
► 3 Months Local Supplier Warranty

Other information
► It comes with Euro 2 pin plug (Adapter is needed)
► Length of wire: 120 cm
► Gross weight : 5.54 kg
► Net weight : 4.34 kg
► Packaging box dimension : Length 52.5 cm x Width 24 cm x Height 30 cm

It’s time to juice!
Looking to invest in a good juicer? Make your own juice at home with the our Slow Juicer. This juicer allows make healthy juices for you and your family. The machine’s blades juice fruits quickly and effectively. Not only that, the blades are durable and resistant to scratches. The Slow Juicer will look as new as the day you bought it no matter how many times it is used. Contrary to its name, a slow juicer actually produces juice faster than other machines with minimum pulp. The crushing method of the Slow Juicer does not let the nutrients and enzymes in the fruits go to waste. It also maintains the cellular structure of the fruits to prevent oxidation and separation.

Juicy features you’ll love
The Slow Juicer comes equipped with features that rival even the best in the market. Slow juicer works slowly at low speed (80 rev./mim), but precisely. Precisely crushes fruits and vegetable pulp, without generating excessive heat with minimum exposure to oxygen. This does not destroy nutrients and vitamins contained in fruits and vegetables, does not heat or oxidise the juice.

Using slow juicer you get the highest quality juice with maximum amount of vitamins and minerals from your favourite fruits and vegetables!

Slow juicer is an ideal device for people who care about their health and quality of life!

You can make juice from most kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Also those which cannot be used in a standard juicer - parsley, spinach, wheat-grass, soy (soy milk), raspberry, currant, pineapple, mango and many others.