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Rechargable 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer Electric Lawn Mower Grass Cutter (HDT0014OG)

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This grass string trimmer is for cutting grass and ground cover which uses a flexible monofilament line instead of a blade. It consists of a rotating spindle from which the string protrudes, at the end of a long shaft with a handle.

A string trimmer works on the principle that a line spun fast enough is held out from its center (the rotating reel) very stiffly by centrifugal force; the faster the hub turns, the stiffer the line.

The head contains a safety shield on the user side and a rotating hub which may also be called a head or spool.


It runs on a 20V lithium-ion battery (rechargable), which is pretty standard for most cordless trimmers.

20V Lithium-ion battery

12″ (30cm) cutting width

Uses cutting string, nylon spool (provided)


1. Adjustable length (85 - 115 cm)

2. Easy grip and comfortable to hold main handle

3. Ergonomic, comfortable handling in any working position

4. Excellent trimming effect

5. With trimming wheels

6. Charging time : 3 - 4 hours, Running time : 20 - 30 minutes (depending on workload)


3 months local supplier warranty

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