Professional Electric Hot Air 8 in 1 Hair Styling Set - White (FCT0091WH)

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At the same time dry and style - with our Professional Electric Hot Air 8 in 1 Hair Styling Set, you can simultaneously dry and style your hair while maintaining the maximum level of care. The seven attachments make it easy to style beautiful natural looks: of course, smooth looks, waves, and soft curls in the shortest possible time.


Here's some drying hacks for goddess hair...


  1. Let your hair air dry first- Don't panic, air drying isn't a direct route to a Bad Hair Day. Waiting until your hair is 70% dry before you get your hair dryer on the case will seriously reduce heat damage to your lovely locks. That means less frizz and more shine.


  1. Absorb moisture withkitchen towel - Your everyday kitchen roll is great for absorbing excess moisture before you blow-dry. Towel drying is a recipe for frizz and fly-aways, so give your tips, bulk and roots a dab with a few sheets from the kitchen before you start blow drying.


  1. Use a clevermicrofiber  towel - These beauties give you the power to towel dry your hair without creating tangles or frizz, resulting in softer, bouncier locks. Not too shabby, eh?


  1. Divide your hair into sections before drying- Sectioning your hair will give you more control over your finished blow dry look and help your hair to dry faster. Create a 'mohawk' shaped section of hair on top, then partition both sides before finally tackling the back.


  1. Before you turn on the dryer, use your hands to start drying and shaping your hair. Running your fingers through wet hair is the very best way to shape your style and get your roots in the right direction. For instance, pushing your hair back from your face works wonders when you're creating a voluminous style.