Lightweight Pet Stroller 4 Wheels Cat and Dog Trolley for Travel (PET0002)

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Choosing the best pet stroller starts with knowing what your pet needs and, of course, where he’ll be going in the stroller. Finding the right one can make daily activities with this all the more pleasant (plus, what’s cuter than a cat and dog in a stroller?)

A stroller can be a great tool for the pet parent who takes their pet to work or runs weekend errands that can wear out pets that recovering from injury and illness. And they’re not just for small breeds — many pet strollers fit a wide variety of sizes, and can help a large cat and dog commute via public transportation or age gracefully when he could use a lift.

Easy to carry
Suitable for cats/small dogs
Light and durable
Comfortable capacity
Front and back exit
Storage basket

Stroller measurements : H 100cm x L 65cm x W 47cm
Folded measurements : H 20cm x L 80cm x W 35cm
(Please allow 1-2 cm difference)

Net Weight : 5.1 kg
Gross Weight : 6.1 kg
Max loading 15 kg
Box size : 38 x 18.5 x 81.5 cm


Orange Pet Stroller (Only) - With additional cup holder