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Multifunctional Clothes Hanger Magic Hanger Retractable Clothes Hanger (HGN0008)

RM11.50 MYR

The 8 in 1 multi-function hanger allows you to hang clothes to dry outdoors. And when it is folded upside down it lets you save on wardrobe space as well.
When your clothes are dry and ready to go inside, you just need to fold the hanger, let the clothes stay on the hanger and put it into your wardrobe directly.

Product features:

  • 8 hangers
  • Can hang up to 8 clothes at once
  • 8 shirts or 8 pants according to your preference
  • Has a lock on each pair for easy lock and unfolding
  • Can be disassembled or folded completely when not in use
  • Total weight capacity: 5kg
  • Material: Plastic


Product highlights:

  • Allows you to quickly dry and remove dried clothes
  • Saves space, saves time
  • Can be exposed to sun the whole day
  • Dust-proof and waterproof