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Giselle Intelligent BMI Body Composition Weight Scale (HEA0063WH)

by Giselle
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Monitor Your BMI and Stay Healthy Together


Create unique profiles with the Body Composition Analyzer Scale. The scale is able to take measurements and make accurate calculations for an extreme variety of ages, heights, and weights. With the ability to store up to 12 person records, the whole family can use the scale with ease and convenience. 

 Warranty :

1 year local supplier warranty


  • If you want to check body composition percentage, please stand on the metal plates with your bare feet and be sure that your feet touch the metal parts.
  • Pregnant and cardiac pacemaker users are prohibited to use the scale.
  • Don't put it on uneven floor while weighing.  It will cause inaccuracy of the reading.
  • Don't step on the edge of the scale.  It might cause unbalancing and fall.
  • Don't step on the scale with wet feet.  It will cause inaccuracy of the reading. 
Made by Tempered Glass
4 Fulcrum Sensor
Can measure:
(1) Body Weight
(2) Body Fat Percentage
(3) Calories, Muscle Percentage
(4) Bone Weight
(5) Water Percentage
(6) BMI
Store Up to 12 Person Records
Measurement is Fast & Stable
The force is even, more accurate
Slim as 20 mm scale Body
Good scale to keep track of your body changes
Simple Fashion scale
Large LED Screen display


Biochemical Evaluation

A0 Non-athletes 非运动员(静坐)
A1 Seldom exercise 少量运动(日常活动)
A2 Moderate exercise 中量运动(较低强度)
A3 Often exercise 常做运动(中等强度)
A4 Athletes 运动员(专业运动员)