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Giselle Mini Rice Cooker 1.2L with Non-stick Pot and Steamer 200W (KEA0371)

Giselle Mini Rice Cooker 1.2L with Non-stick Pot and Steamer 200W (KEA0371)

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► Capacity : 1.2L large capacity (The inner pot indication is 800 ml. If fill up water of the inner pot, it is 1.2L. This is mini rice cooker, thus it is only suitable for 1 pax or 2 pax.)
► Power : 200W low power
► Rice capacity : can cook 4 bowls of rice
► Advantage : compact and portable
► Gross weight : 1.66 kg
► Net weight : 1.38 kg

► Brown, Green, Pink, Red, White 

►The thick non-stick inner container, the inner container is evenly heated, the surface is smooth, it is not easy to stick to the pot, and it is easy to clean.
►Multifunctional rice cooker, suitable for 1-2 people, top steaming and bottom cooking, not only cooking rice, but also porridge, soup, hot pot, noodles, etc.
►Anti-scalding handle design, anti-scalding and heat insulation, don't worry about hot hands, easy to move, rest assured.
► Square button, one-button cooking, simple and quick, more convenient to use, square button, one-button opening.
►Annular heating base, uniform heating, fast cooking, saving time and high efficiency.
► Hidden luminous display, can be displayed after plugging in, and the luminous font is clearly visible.
►Anti-slip base, built-in base, non-slip stable, drip-proof.
►Removable and washable upper cover, quick disassembly and easy cleaning.

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