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Giselle Multi Pots Infrared Ceramic Cooker Touch Control, Fast Heating Low Power Consumption (2000W) - KEA0310BK

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Giselle Upgrade New Version Electric Infrared Cooker With Touch Control - 2000 Watt (KEA0310BK)

✓ Infrared Cooker with touch control
✓ High/low heating or voltage protection
✓ Multiple functions and timer setting
✓ High-quality heater coil
✓ Display power: 2000 Watt

Key Features
✓ Environmental protection
✓ Energy saving
✓ Time efficiency
✓ All-round intelligent secure and safe protection
✓ Clean antibacterial and shockproof shell

Product Operating Instructions

  1. After inserting the plug into the socket, a ‘beep’ will be heard, and all the indicators and digital displays will flicker for a split second. The infrared cooker is now on standby mode and the display will show ‘-- --’
  2. The ON/OFF indicator lights up
  3. Place suitable cookware at the center of the cooking area (heating area)
  4. Press the corresponding function keys to start cooking. If you would need to stop operation, press the ON/OFF button. The appliance will switch to standby mode.

Timer Function :
Press the TIMER key and turn the knob clockwise. The timer will increase in 1-minute increments. Turn the knob anticlockwise to decrease the timer in a similar fashion. The timer can be adjusted up to 120 minutes.

Lock Function :
Press and hold the LOCK key for 3 seconds. The lock indicator will light up and all other keys will be locked. You will not be able to press them when the lock mode is activated.

To unlock:

Press and hold the LOCK key for 5 seconds. The lock indicator light will go off and the panel will be unlocked.

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Sharifah hazirah Said Abdul Rahman

Giselle Electric Infrared Cooker With Touch Control - 2000 Watt (KEA0310)