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Giselle Bread Maker Size L Dual Blades 850W (3.0LB) KEA0345

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Product Description

🥐 🥯 🍞 Giselle Bread Maker Size L Dual Blades 850W (3.0LB) KEA0345 🥖 🥨 🧀 Begin a day with Giselle Bread Maker

😋Highlight 😋 :

🧁 LCD display :
Each time it is pressed the program will vary. Press the button discontinuously, the 15 menus will be cycled to show on the LCD display

🧁 Adjustable crust control :
Light, Medium, or Dark crust and quick bread for your selection

🧁 Delay Function :
If you don't want the bread maker work at once, can use this delay function. Longest delay time 15 hours.

🧁 Keep warm function :
Timer, pre-set your time anytime you want up to 15 hours

The Giselle Helpful Collection for Your Kitchen Journey
Being in the kitchen to either cook or bake takes a lot effort, patience, passion and most importantly the right tools in order to produce mouth-watering results which are truly satisfying. So, it is very important that you have the tools to begin your kitchen adventures regardless of how disastrous or successful they might turn out to be.

The Sophisticated Kitchen Equipment
The Giselle Bread Maker is a superbly cool bread maker designed innovatively to ease your efforts in the kitchen and result in beautifully baked breads for your culinary pleasures. Breadmaking can be quite a complicated and time-consuming process but Giselle Bread Maker is here to change your view on breadmaking. The Giselle Bread Maker is compact with a beautiful modern design and works with uncomplicated operation system. The Bread maker comes with 15 digital programmer menu as well as other functions to satisfy your bread cravings.

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