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Giselle Air Fryer, Air Cooker with a Glass Lid 7L Large Capacity Oil-Less Multi cooker with Extender Ring (KEA0320)

by Giselle
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Kindly refer to the demo video below:
Multi Fryer
►  A unique air fryer with a glass lid for conveniently monitoring the entire cooking process. Oil Capacity. Cooking Capacity: 4.5-Liters to 7-Liters with Extension Ring
► Oil Capacity : 4.5L-7L (with extender ring)
► Cool Touch : Yes
► Timer : 1-60 mins
► Color : Black
► Power : 1000 W
► Max temperature : 250 degree celcius
► Fryer Style : Infrared





► Giselle Air Cooker Far-Infrared : Air Fry, Stew, Roast, Grill, Bake, BBQ. 
► This advanced air cooker works faster and more efficiently than a traditional convection oven. A key fey feature that makes it stand out is its multi-functionality. It can  be used for reheating leftovers, grilling, roasting, air frying, baking, and more. In spite of its compact size, it has a high powered heating element of 1000 Watt.
► Rapid air circulation for even cooking all around.
► Michelin star worthy steak : 
Whether it is a thick or thin cut, get a perfect sear every time you grill with the new and upgraded steak rack. 
► Food that is brown and crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, without the excessive use of oils and fats.