Giselle 6L Digital Pressure Cooker

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Exclusively owned Giselle Pressure Cooker :
1) Safety On/Off button
Once the button is off, all functions will go off. Now, you don't have to switch on/off the main plug anymore.

2) Open Fried Cooking Function - Saute
You can choose to cook by opening the lid.

Convenient, versatile and easy-to-use, pressure cookers have become must-haves in any kitchen. The GISELLE Digital Electric Pressure Cooker helps tenderise tough meat and food in a short amount of time. Just place all ingredients in the pot, choose a pre-programmed setting and let your pressure cooker do the work. Or cook in advance and keep your food warm until when you’re ready to eat.

Product details

► 22 pre-programmed menu [ Rice, Saute, Meat, Ribs, Roasted, Tendons, Congee, Yoghurt, Deep Fried, Soup, Stew, Baby Food, Timer, Reheat, Defrost, Cake, Slow Cook (High Temperature), Slow Cook (Low Temperature), Keep Warm/Cancel, Timer (Custom), Powre ON/OFF, Custom ]
► 70% faster than conventional cooking
► Pressurized steam retain all the nutrients
► Keep food hot for warm button
► Computer system control
► Easy operation, menu buttons for various food
► Energy saving and high efficiency
► Aluminum alloy inner pot is durable and offers more effective heat conduction
► Fully sealed structure, more natural and nutritious food
► Pressure release device
► Overheat safely protection
► Quiet, easy and no-stress cooking
► Detachable basket handle (Deep fried basket)
► Basketed with special hook, the basket can be placed one the inner bowl, easy for oil filtration (Deep fried basket)
► Stainless steel steamer plate with diameter 21.8 cm
► Stainless steel steamer bowl with diameter 21.8 cm
► Very convenience if you wish to steam for 2 dishes together

► 24-hour delay timer
► 6 Litre capacity
► Plug : Malaysia 3 pin plug
► Power : Only 1000 watts, so economical to use
► Voltage : 220~240V, 50/60Hz

► 1 Year Local Supplier Warranty

What's in the box :
► Pressure Cooker Housing Base
► Removable Cooking Pot
► Lid
► Measuring Cup
► Plastic Spoon
► Condensation Cup
► Power Supply Cord
► Instruction Manual
► Deep Fried Basket
► Stainless Steel Steamer Plate
► Stainless Steel Steamer Bowl

There are 18 pre-programmed options + 4 advance options
► Rice
► Saute
► Meat
► Ribs
► Roasted
►Deep Fried
► Soup
► Stew
► Baby Food
► Timer + Pre Set Function
► Reheat
► Defrost
► Cake
► Slow Cook (High Temperature)
► Slow Cook (Low Temperature)
► Keep Warm/Cancel
► Timer + Custom
► Powre ON/OFF
► Custom