Electric Paint Spray Tool Latex Paint Airbrush Paint Spray (KEA0242)

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Plastic material toughness, durability; Power components of high quality spray; motors generate persistent wind.

is the most technology of the modern field of eletric spray paint.


Suitable for:

- DIY projects, repair work, fix up paint project, Ideal for professional such as fences, decking, windows and furniture.


Can be use with Latex Paint, Oil Based Paint, Wooden Stain, Sealants Paint. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects such as wall, door, window, furniture, fence, toy, yacht, boat, motorcycle or bicycle etc.



Voltage: 220V-240V  50Hz

Power consumption: 400 W

Atomizing output: 105 W

Container capacity: 800 ml

Max. viscosity 130 Din-secs

Motor speed: 32,000 rpm



- The strong air eddy makes a finer & wider spray pattern

- High volume, low pressure

- Multi-function to satisfy your various painting demand

- High efficiency, low pollution

- Light weight, easier for long time working

- 3 spray patterns

- nozzle can be adjusted, this series has main "three spray shape" feature which is horizontal oval, vertical oval & finer conical. Adjust way is very simple, just turn nozzle to the proper position to get the desired spray.


Outstanding points:

- Do not use compressed air, which is used to create wind turbines right on the gun itself.

- Three jet designs: horizontal fan-shaped jets to move up and down spraying direction; fan-shaped jets to move along sideways direction injection; Round toe jet for spraying finely sharp lines or spray small nan.