Electric Multifunctional 12L Speed Pressure Cooker Timer 1600W (KEA0190)

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  • Multi pre-programmed menu (Heating, Fish, Ribs, Rice, Congee, Soup, Sirloin)
  • 70% faster than conventional cooking
  • Pressurised steam retain all the nutrients
  • 12 Litre capacity
  • Only 1600 watts, so economical to use
  • Energy saving and high efficiency
  • Super non-stick coating inner pot
  • Fully sealed structure, more natural and nutritious food
  • Pressure release device
  • Overheat safely protection
  • 3 Months Local Supplier Warranty
       Microcomputer electric pressure cooker is a new style cooking utensil, adapted the advanced technology and concentrated the merits of pressure cooker, electrical rice cooker and braising cooker, and supply their shortages. The microcomputer electric pressure cooker adopts the technology of microcomputer control automatically. It can adjust cooking humidity, pressure and time automatically according to different kinds of food. The microcomputer pressure cooker has the peculiarities of advanced structure, new layout-design, safety, reliability, multifunction, easy use, saving time and electricity and scientific cooking. It is an ideal cooking utensil of modern family and will take the place of pressure cooker, electric rice cooker and braising cooker.