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Dishwasher Cleaning Tablets (30 Pcs) 水卫仕洗碗机专用洗涤块 (KEA0205S1)

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#1 brand at China for DishWashing Machine
# specially design for DishWashing Machine ( which will not stuck the tube of the flow of water)

Handwashing vs. Dishwashing

Did you know that handwashing your dishes uses up to seven times more water than a regular dishwashing cycle? Learn how you can maximize your clean and minimize your footprint with the help of these dishwashing tips from us and the squeaky-clean shining power of our new dishwashing tablet.

This dishwasher tablet offers powerful clean and shine for your glasses while also helping to prevent corrosion - leaving them clean and shiny! Use it even on your toughest messes like greasy dishes and cloudy glasses for fast action cleaning.

Net weight : 300g (10g x 30 pcs)

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1/3 of the washing tablet is sufficient to do the cleaning

Very Good