Children Swim Ring Heavy Duty Handle Swimming Pool Float Step B - 90CM (TOY0133)

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The Giant Inflatable Tire Tube Pool Float has an inflated size of approximately 35" (90cm) diameter

Suitable for age 12+ (including adults).

The raft tube is made with 2 heavey duty handles on two sides,easy for you to hold,to direct and move the inflatable ring.

Our pool toys make it easy for you to enjoy a relaxing day off.

Pool float is made with eco-friendly 0.3mm PVC,more durable than ordinary one.

This swimming ring is ideal for families,will give you lots of fun wherever you take.

The inflatable ring has a very secure valve, so air goes in, but it doesn't come out unless the valve it's pressed. You can easily inflate the float with a pump.

Warning: Only to be used in water in which the child is within its depth and under adult supervision.