Premium Children Convertible Car Seat Toddler Car Safety Seat (BAY0031)

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If you have a baby and you have a car, you need a car seat — that much is a given. What kind, style and model, however, there is a world full of options of that can be overwhelming at times as you try to figure out which ones work at which stages and when it’s time to get a new one. One breed of car seat that makes things a bit easier is the convertible car seat.

Typically used after the infant car seat (though it can be used as an infant car seat, but it is not removable from the base) these seats are typically meant to last through several stages, from rear-facing to forward facing and beyond. 

Our BAY0031 car seats, is soft and comfortable, the seat fits the baby's back and meets the growing needs of children.


Suitable age :  9 months - 6 years old

Weight capacity : 9 - 25 kg

Safety Belt Type : Five-Point Harness

Item Weight : 6kg

Material Type : Comfortable and breathable mesh cloth fabric

Certification : ECE