Children 2 in 1 Ride On Excavator Kids Digging Toy Claws Bulldozer Helmet (TOY0077YW)

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Children love to dig. With Alpha Living TOY0077YW power digger this is not only child's play but great fun. Because the digger has many exciting extras. The arm of the digger moves in all directions. The digger is equipped with a large seat so that the little worker sits comfortably while working on the building project, and can be turned left and right.

TOY0077YW has multi usage of 2 type excavator. Interchangeable Shovelling Bucket and Excavator Claw for Real Action. The original design makes this super strong construction vehicle and eye-catcher on little construction sites. It is specially tailored to the ergonomics of the small hands of a child. 


Interchangeable Shovelling Bucket and Excavator Claw for Real Action
Fully Assembled Body, Very Easy to Use. 
Easy to Fold and Detach Arms, 90 Degree Vertical and Horizontal Movement
Lovely Storage Space under the Saddle, Comfortable Back Seat, Sound and Melody Function for Maximum Fun
Included: Body, Shovelling Bucket, Excavator Claw, Steering Wheel, Helmet, Joint Pins.
Designed for children 1 to 6 years old

Max rider weight: 25KG 
Product weight 3.7kg
Product Dimensions: 43cm x 29cm x 60cm
Box Dimensions: 30cm x 35cm x 64cm