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Car Vacuum Cleaners Portable Handheld 12V Wet & Dry Multifunctional (CAR0071BK)

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 How To USE:

1. Insert the connecting cable on the cable's cigarette lighter cigarettes in mobil.
2. Make sure the connection is properly installed and turn the power on off button.
3. Hold the slope of 30-45 degrees for others.
4. Absorb dust and dirt. After use, turn off the on off button, open-absorbing dust vacuum cleaner.

Clean and close the front cover, and then can be used .Strong suction, the motor work, there will always be noise! 30-60mm particle dust, paper and dirt outside Reviews their range. 
To make your car more comfortable, more comfortable.
Voltage: 12v standard car voltage
Accessories: supporting nozzle, easy button, easy to disassemble to clean.

1) On/off switch
2) Car cigarette plug
3) Air compressor function
4) Power : 106W

Tired of the stains in your car that you can’t seem to remove? Looking for something small that you can always keep in your car to use in time of need? Look no further for the Car Vacuum Cleaner is the solution for you.
Powerful Suction Power
The Car Vacuum Cleaner has a powerful suction power compared to its peers in the market, using car power of up to 12V with excellent filter properties, ensuring its long lifespan. It is also noiseless and can be used for both wet and dry cleaning.