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Body Pressure Point Ball Massage Roller Belt (HEA0014)

RM15.90 MYR
In a world filled with electric and electronic massage devices packed with features, the massage roller belt looks old fashioned. But when it comes to ease of transport and the ability to use anywhere, you just cannot beat it.

It's operation is based on the ancient idea of pressure points (or "tsubo") spread all over the muscles. This very simple yet effective device can give you a great massage on almost all parts of your body using natural, intuitive pulling movements.

This massage roller belt has 3 silicone balls that are placed and spaced on parallel holders so that they can roll freely while you are moving the ropes left and right or up and down using both handles.

How to use:

Just lay the balls on the area you want to massage (back, lower back, belly, thighs, calves, and so on) and start moving the handles in opposite directions, varying the intensity as you go.

Extremely convenient and practical, the Body Massager will become your permanent companion and your ticket to a stiffness-free body!

Product Features:

Bands are made of silicone and are comfortable on the hands.

Total length: 110 cm

Roller diameter: 6 cm

Holder length: 40 cm on 

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