Healthy Food Dehydrator with Five Drying Racks 350W (KEA0290)

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Product Details
Product Details
Preparing dried foods at home is easy with this Food Dehydrator. It allows you to naturally dry a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, without added preservatives. Create your own healthy snacks at home - from fruit rolls and muesli bars to dried fruits and meats.
A wide variety of fresh foods can be dried: fruits, vegetables, fish and meats. These foods can be eaten dried for snacks and parties, or reconstituted for cooking and baking. Drying is easier than canning or freezing: you simply wash, slice and load food onto the dehydrator trays. Within hours your foods are dried and ready to eat or store.
As food dries, natural food flavours and sugars tend to concentrate - giving dried foods a sweeter and stronger burst of flavour than fresh foods. Dried foods are nutritous, too! Drying preserves important nutrients that cooking often destroys. And since you don't add sugar or other additives, dried foods make delicious and healthy snacks for your family.
How it works
Dehydrating food is an ancient method of preserving food. It is a gentle, natural process which removes moisture from food. Using a controlled heat temperature, air is circulated from the top of the unit to each of the five trays and base. This method of drying seals in the flavours and nutrients of the food, leaving a high food nutrient and vitamin content.
Features  :
•   Height adjustable-trays
•   Easy way to make delicious , healthful and natural snacks
•   Patented converge-flow  drying  system eliminatestray rotation
•   Adjustable thermostat
•   Thermostat range of 95 -155 degrees F
•   Proper temperatureto can protect the nurtrient content

Package Content:
• 1 x Healthy Food Dehydrator

• 1 month local supplier warranty