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3-Way Copper Nozzle Paint Sprayer Gun 450W HVLP Electric DIY Spray Station (KEA0179)

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It’s time for some DIY renovating and like always, you’re presented with too many options. Which wood? Which finish? What brush do you use? We present new HVLP Series Spray Stations.


It's easy to see why HVLP spraying has become so popular. Forget cleaning messy brushes and the effort it takes to make sure every stroke is perfect. These spray stations provide high material transfer efficiency, eliminate paint waste and require lower air volume.


The 450W model has all the features and grunt to get you spraying in no time. The two piece body is designed to decrease user fatigue, with a shoulder strap carrying most of the weight so that you can keep your hands freed for spraying. One of the many benefits of low pressure spraying is that you don’t need to lug around a heavy, costly air compressor.


Perhaps the most rewarding reason for using a this HVLP Series Spray Station is the reduction in damage done to the environment by outdated paint spraying technologies. These same improvements also carry over to the user's health. The increased particle size means that less paint ends up in the air, therefore less can be breathed in.


The lightweight, ergonomic spray gun is made from strong, durable plastic. It includes a metal, multi-directional adjustable fluid nozzle. It comes equipped with a one litre tank, a hanging hook, and smooth trigger action. The base and spray gun are connected via a 1.5m tangle-resistant, flexi-hose.


Pull the trigger on the new way of painting and order your sprayer gun today!


  • Large vents for consistent power output
  • Uses HVLP technology
  • 450W  220/240V  50/60HZ
  • Convenient gun holder and integrated handle
  • 1L spraying reservoir
  • Adjustable spray gun
  • Lightweight at just 2.5kg
  • Included blowing connection
  • Diameter of nozzle: 1 ømm